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It's almost Valentines

Oh the breeze, mild summer breeze of Singapore, and Valentine vibes. Perfect time to start shopping for your date. It s also very important that you pamper yourself well like having a good soothing massage, manicure, pedicure. This can help boost your mood and enhance your beauty.

Don't worry about your dress as you'll look stunning no matter what.

Here's a few tips that will help you pick your perfect dress.

  • Make sure that your dress is the color you like. Just because it is Valentine does not mean you have to wear red. It's time you set trends and wear new eccentric colors that will set you apart.

  • Take time out now only to start looking for dresses that are eccentric and have fewer footfalls.

  • Do not worry about matching accessories as you got plenty of time for it.

An early start is best so that you are not fussing over for things last moment and instead can just enjoy the vibes and be happy all along.

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