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Linen&More × Indolindo

Linen&More in collaboration with Indolindo

A beautiful merge of trendy dresses and beautiful handmade jewelry, so that, no look of yours goes incomplete.

Don't we all have such times where every outfit we wear has always some element missing? Wouldn't it be awesome if the next time you buy some outfits, you could go ahead and curate your complete look in the same shop?

At Linen&More you can do exactly that! Along with picking your beautiful dresses, you can pick your ideal set of jewelry that will make your look complete.

About our collection:

Contrasts and colorful shades blended in handmade earpieces so you never get tired of wearing them.

Weightless beauties that never wear you down while you put them on.

Handmade unique styles that create a timeless statement.

And not just any jewelry but unique handmade ones which are made just to impress you and to up your game on any occasion that you wear them.

Address: 428 River Valley Road #01-08, Loft @ Nathan

Singapore, 248327 Phone: +65 91094084

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