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New Year, New Celebrations!

2021- A year that tested all of us. A year that was filled with mixed emotions. Emotions of joy, happiness, sorrow, and loneliness. A year where our gift lists were not fulfilled!

We are sure many of you had a gift list that had to be left midway. So to increase your New years' spirits we Linen&More are offering a flat 22% discount on all our collections just for tomorrow 🥰

Our January discounts list comes down to all your favorite collections right from gorgeous Champa dresses, to eccentric Saree Wrap dresses. The list of our collection is so big, we can't cram it all in here. so, check our Online store to pick your favorites.

Let this New Year embark on new chances, new times, new celebrations, new collections, and new discounts. If the beginning is soo good, one can wonder about the rest of the year!

With all that is said and done last year, you deserve a much-awaited pampering. So, let this new year begin with the celebrations of joy, happiness, linen, and love.

Date of sale: 4th December

Location: Online and offline store

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