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New year, new days, new times, new ways....

The year 2022 calls for new celebrations. After all that we have been through the past year, it's only fair to let light, love, celebrations, and new colors in.

Let your new year's goals include more time with loved ones, more time doing things you love or wearing things you like. It is time to celebrate little things in life that will give you joy.

This new year bring joy to you, we are giving a 22% discount on all our maxi dresses just for tomorrow. And if you are wondering what makes this more special, It is those vibrant colors and those handprinted works that we believe will bring a new zing into your life this new year.

Colors that speak class and light at the same time. What's even better is that the website sale continues till 9th January. USE coupon code to avail your offers, visit our offline store to purchase OR you can even DM us on our Instagram handle.

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