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Picnic dates...

Picnics are all about breezy times and summer vibes. Imagine having chilled wine on a mild summer day just enjoying the company of your friends sitting and laughing about good times. Sounds great right! But, did you know that good attire is just as important as a good company?

It wouldn't be a good picnic if you are wearing something uncomfortable just because it looks nice. uncomfortable clothes can spoil your mood almost instantly. A good picnic day needs a mild dress that is not too flowy and is super comfortable to move around in.

What a good picnic also needs is a dress that goes with the trends and aesthetics of the day...

Beautiful white eyelet tired dresses that are perfect for your picnic dates... Dress made with soft fabrics so that your day is as comfortable as your dress.

Not just that, the collection is handmade giving it unique attention, and also has fewer footfalls in the market, making it one of a kind.

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