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Why Us?

If you love having exclusive designs and intricate dresses in your wardrobe, we are your right stop.

Encrypted by culture, ethnicity we strive to please with not just our fabric quality but by the way our products are made. We create designs that connect to us and so know that they will surely connect to you. We design pieces that make us happy and so we know that they will surely connect to you.

HOW ARE WE SO SURE ABOUT OUR PRODUCTS? We stand proud with more than 11 years of customer experience and demands and so we know what suits best to our customers. We also believe in customization of handmade designs on the requests of our customers so that they connect to us and to the pieces they buy.

We are one of the only two shops in Singapore that cater to your such tunic and eccentric needs.

Come fall in love with: Linen&More
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