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Celebrating love, Celebrating Warmth.

2021 has been a complete coaster of emotions. A lot of Loved ones lost, Lot of pain bared. Even with this, hope was never lost, Warmth was never lost. It was all because of the support in our loving homes. Home for us could be a place, could be people, could be objects that comforted us. It was life and love that was never lost.

To cherish your homes, to encourage the warmth your Homes provide, Linen&More is conducting a sale where our home décor items will be put up with a 22% Discount.

A home décor collection that is made with love, just for your homes with the warmth that these unique cushion covers bring. Vibrant colors and estranged designs that are handmade to soothe and ease you into the feeling of comfort.

The sale starts on 14th January and ends on 16th January. The sale will be live across both our online and offline stores. So, add a little love, add a little comfort, add a little Linen&More to your home.

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