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New tie dyes in store

2022 calls for some Vibrant colors, vibrant energies, and trendy closet revamps. A new year is a chance for all of us to leave our old closet collections and hunt for new trends and colors that we haven't worn yet. Letting new colors into your lives will help you experience new things, new energies, and discover new things that you haven't felt before. so, if you've always wanted to wear a new style or a new palate of colors, here's your chance to get going.

TIE DYE- A dress that is handmade and designed using a tie. Soft fabrics blended into a dress that stands out for all your occasions. Don't believe us? Check this out...

A collection you'll love. The colors, the designs, the patterns, and the fabrics, everything screams out love, life, and new trends.

It's vibrant colors like these that spread vibrant energies. Isn't it a much needed combo for 2022 ;) To purchase, visit our shop in Singapore or DM us on our online Channels.

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